Robinson Seismic Ltd

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Phone:+64 (4) 569 7840
Fax:+64 (4) 586 9899
Postal Address: Kate Canderle
Robinson Seismic Ltd
Kate Canderle
Sales Manager
PO Box 33 093
New Zealand

Robinson Seismic have led the way internationally in the field of designing, testing and manufacturing specialist earthquake seismic protection base isolation and other damping equipment for buildings and infrastructure such as bridges. Director Dr Bill Robinson invented and developed the first world famous Lead Rubber Bearing seismic base isolation device, now widely used in a number of countries, particularly in Japan (eg Kobe), California in the USA, and in New Zealand.

They worked closely with other New Zealand companies, Beca, Dunning Thornton Consultants and Holmes Consulting Group, in the earthquake resistant building design and supply of the base isolation bearings and sliders for the new 300 bed Bhuj District Hospital in India, following the January 2001 Gujarat earthquake. This is the first such building to be earthquake protected by base isolation in India. It was opened in January 2004, and won a top building award.